Welcome to PrayList!

We’re so glad you’re here, joining us in seeking to grow a richer, deeper prayer life. PrayList was created out of Adam’s and my personal desires to be more focused, more intentional, and consistent in the longed-after yet elusive spiritual discipline of prayer. We hope that this path we’ve begun will help lead you to a more effective and impactful moments with God. Over the course of this blog, we’ll share with you some creative ways that we use PrayList, as well as inspirational motivation to help you stay focused and intentional with your prayer time.

We’re convinced that most people are as distracted as we are. We all set (and re-set) the grand goals of praying consistently and staying focused during our time speaking with God, only to find that our crowded schedules and wandering minds lure us away. That’s why our tag-line for PrayList is “Quiet Your Mind”. We want our app to help you focus. Everything we’ve put into PrayList from the design elements to the features are aimed at enabling you to pray unfettered by all that flows through and around you at any given moment.


Take the Tags feature for example.

By allowing you to mark each prayer and each PrayList with up to 3 tags (aka “categories”), you can now focus each prayer session to the specific elements you choose. Do you want just to pray for areas of social justice for 5 minutes? You can. How about focusing on Praising your Creator for 3 minutes before launching another PrayList session of general prayer requests? It’s doable with tags! Or maybe you want to meditate on Scripture for 10 minutes every other day. Load up the scripture verses you want as prayers, tag them as scripture, and set a PrayList for just that sole tag.

This is your app— tailor it to how you want to pray. You’ll see your prayer times become more engaging and you’ll have a greater desire to spend time praying more often.

Come back often to the blog. We’ll have lots of user tips as well as inspiration and motivational thoughts to share. God bless!

Jeff - Nov 2018